Relaxed Truckers VTC, would like to announce we have successfully landed our second community partnership with SupremeKingGaming!

Hope to see many of you gaming with them in their wide range of games in the future as well as seeing you around their discord!!

:round_pushpin:About Me? After my very hyped acceptance being a Twitch Affiliate back in late 2017 – early 2018, I had only one goal in mind. The goals are pretty simple.. create an enjoyable place to meet new people and also to make new gaming friends. I am very proud to state that my channel has made a growing gaming community with a tight knitted, friendships within the community and I can say I have met & made some amazing & chilled out people in the process of growing my Twitch channel and this gaming community hence why I made a Discord server, so we can hang out during or off streams and play a variety of games in which they are listed below.

:video_game: My Games?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 | [ETS2].

American Truck Simulator | [ATS].

Rocket League | [RL].

World of Warships | [WoW].

Farming Simulator 2019 | [FS19].

Player Unknown Battleground | [PUBG].

Grand Theft Auto V | [GTAV].

FiveM | [FiveM].

:computer:Discord Offers

Twitch channel promotions and much more!

:globe_with_meridians:Get Connected, with us!

Discord: For more information don’t be scared to get in touch anyone apart of the “Senior Moderator” role & visit the server and have a chat with us.


Many Thanks SlammedKing

Relaxed Truckers Logistics, We would like to announce we have successfully landed our first VTC partnership with Euro Trans International.

Hope to see many of you trucking or gaming with them on their VTC adventure as well as seeing you around their discord!!

:Official_Logo_TINT: | Euro Trans International (ET-INT) is looking for skilled new drivers to build up and expand our international department. We warmly welcome people from all over the world who enjoy driving, are willing to participate in convoys and generally love playing ETS2. We are a chilled team of well-experienced drivers, who play by the rules and obey traffic laws. We pride ourselves on our good reputation among other international VTCs.

:triangular_flag_on_post: | Requirements;

|> Be 17 or over.

|> Have more than 240 hours gameplay time on Steam.

|> Possess decent driving and parking skills.

|> Take part in our convoys (whenever they can)

|> It is recommended that NEW members should have all map DLCs

:writing_hand: | What they offer:

|> A nice relaxed family-friendly atmosphere.

|> A chance for participation in our every-day drives; company, public and international convoys.

|> Prospects for career development and winning prizes based on good performance on company and international level.

|> A chance to make your ETS2 dreams come true by working with us on our company projects and implementing ideas and suggestions.

:globe_with_meridians: | Join their Discord Today at;

Relaxed Truckers VTC, Would like to announce we Landed another VTC partnership with Quantum Haulage

Here are there details

Quantum Haulage!

Who Are We?
Quantum Haulage is a Virtual Trucking Company first started by Cody and Tappedouter2002 in July of 2019. The company was started with the goal to start a new community for people to come together as one to truck along the beautiful roads of Europe.

What Do We Offer?
We offer our Drivers many facilities and services as a perk of being a Driver for Quantum Haulage. These perks include:
– Custom Drivers Hub
– Competitions And Giveaways
– Fantastic Friendly Staff
– A Chance To Try Something New

– Must Be 14 Or Older
– Speak And Understand English
– Be Willing To Log 5 Jobs A Month
– Own A Legal Copy Of ETS And/Or ATS
– Have A Minimum Of 50 Hours In Either ETS/ATS
– Attend One Event A Month

Got What It Takes?
Then apply today! Go to and send in your application. We will review it in less then 24 hours! The process is as easy as 1 2 3!

Stay Connected:
Instagram –
Twitter –
Our Website –
Our Discord –

Nobody Goes Further Than Beyond Like Us


I would Like to Announce that we have now officially Partnered up with a new radio station Called Simulation Community that will bring us a mixture of music of all genres. We are hopeful our partnership will last for a long time. Here is some information about them and please also join their discord which is detailed below and in #partners. BRING ON THE MUSIC

Would you like to join a community where you can make friends, play games and listen to our radio, we are always looking for DJ’S (experienced or not). We offer help with online bullying with our human resources department and have our very own events team on stand by to help with your events, so come on down and take a look, I promise you won’t be disappointed. We also have our newly upgraded website, come and take a look ;-).