Welcome to Relaxed Truckers VTC,

Relaxed Truckers, is a Virtual Trucking Company that specialises in providing a realistic company to those in the Multiplayer community of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The company was Established on 4th of May, 2019 by CEO MrG.

Having attending 100’s of events and convoys over the last 4 years of TruckersMP, Relaxed Truckers is the most experienced in the transporting section and hopefully, in the near and distant future, we will be looking into hosting our own set of weekly convoys.

Would you like to join Relaxed Truckers VTC?

If you are interested you must:

Be over 16 years old.

Have Over 100 hours played on ETS2 or ATS.

Have a working Microphone and speak English.

Be willing to turn up to in-house or other VTC convoys.

Read the #📖-rules and agree to them.

RT-VTC Management